Our Concept

The concept behind Vivalia Bistro Express is simple; we offer wholesome meals that are great for our on-the-go world and we only use healthy & clean ingredients. Our express menu is diverse with many international influences and also has many vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free options.

We offer a selection of paninis, wraps, gourmet salads, hot meals, kombucha on tap, smoothies, coffees and desserts.

Our customers are welcome to dine in our casual and brightly decorated bistro or they may choose to take their meal to-go.

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Our Mission

Offering healthy & wholesome meals to people on-the-go

Vivalia’s mission is to guide the community towards a healthy and balanced lifestyle by offering fresh, clean food in a timely manner to people on-the-go. Thanks to our innovative kitchen that prepares each dish with clean, healthy & local ingredients, as well as our express service, we offer healthy fast food that is easily accessible and respects the biodiversity and our future generations.

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Our Values

Wholesome & Local

With an aim to offer healthy meals and inspire healthier communities, our team works hard to offer a menu composed of wholesome, healthy and tasty meals for people on-the-go. Our meals are prepared with fresh and clean ingredients. We also prefer using locally-sourced food when possible and working directly with nearby farms.


We believe in authentic, fresh and preservative-free food. To do this, every single menu item is made in-house: from our spice mixes, to our sauces, to our bread, to our baked goods. Making every meal from scratch allows us to be innovative with our recipes and to assure the quality of our ingredients & the nutritional aspect of our meals.


The inspiration & determination of our team and the generosity & dedication of our founders is what inspires us to continue to do better and to always improve.


We designed our menu to make it simple and healthy, as well as easily accessible by taking into consideration certain dietary lifestyles of our customers.

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Our Story

“It started with a lifelong dream”

Vivalia has been a dream of Chef Jean-Paul Widmer since the very beginning of his culinary career.
The idea of opening a healthy fast-food restaurant derived from his long-lasting commitment to socially conscious food and his passion for creating better alternatives for healthier eating. His many journeys around the world, particularly in Japan, have opened his eyes to authentic food and have allowed him to discover healthier culinary practices, without compromising taste. The arrival of young children further enhanced his passion for clean food.

Jean-Paul is proud to introduce Vivalia Bistro Express, a Québec business that truly reflects his
values of making healthy food easily accessible and eating clean & whole foods every day, despite living in a fast-paced world.

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